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Stay Another Day

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“We love it here and really wish we could stay another day or two but we have to  get back home in time to go to work”.  We hear this all the time and really feel bad when people are forced to leave just because of this work thing.

To help you  out and perhaps get you an extra day or two of vacation , we are now offering The Ouray Victorian Inn Official Excused Absence  as a special service to our guests.

To use, simply print the form shown below, fill it out and present it to your boss, teachers, or other people to whom you made an ill-considered commitment.

Name:_________________________ was unable to attend:



_____the meeting


because of

_____we were snowed in

_____all flights were grounded

_____the GPS steered me in the wrong direction

_____the garage is waiting on parts

_____the dog ate my car

_____Continental drift made it impossible to get home

_____The Apocolypse

_____Other _____________________________

These excuses are authorized by the Ouray Victorian Inn. Please note however the small print:

These excuses are not accepted by most employers, educational institutions, courts or government agencies.  Some employers may require additional proof (ie snow, airline voucher, repair bill, teeth marks on your car, or Post Office change of address form. Apocalypses should require no additional confirmation.

Not available to guests of other hotels or lodging

Not available to employees, staff, or contractors of the Victorian Inn


Upcoming events:

Things you should celebrate this week:

Feb 3 The Day the Music Died - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959.

Feb 4 Thank a Mailman Day

Feb 7 Wave All your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

Of course Feb 14 Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately we all missed National Bubblewrap Day on Jan 30.


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