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Ouray’s Mud season is here, will you be?

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mud covered 4 wheel drive truck

Celebrating mud season

Ourays mud season is here. We said goodbye to the last of the ice climbers today,  a happy if soggy bunch. There is still some good ice in the park but it is getting harder to find. So, as the Ice Park gets ready to close we are getting ready to move in the quiet of the early spring and mud season.

April and May are the wettest and snowiest months of the winter. Of course we also have wonderful spring temperatures that rapidly melts that snow, resulting in mud on the streets and on the trails.

Mud season.

People seem to avoid Ouray during this time, maybe because they perceive it as a time when nothing is happening. That is simply not true.

Opportunities for wildlife sightings abound. This is the time when spring birds come back to Ouray and the mountain sheep and elks come down where they can be easily seen from the road and bears may be seen in Box Canyon Park.

Beginning April 19,The  Ouray County Historical Society  reopens on the weekends At the same time, the new  ”Otto Mears Exhibit” opens. Most Ouray County residents are familiar with the name Otto Mears. He is most famous for building toll roads and railroads. However, Otto was involved in many other endeavors including founding newspapers, mining investing, military service,Coloradopolitics, and numerous others. Visit the museum that the Smithsonian has called one of the best small museums in the west and learn about the career of this famous Colorado entrepreneur.   Another new exhibit: The Bridal Exhibit, “A sampling of Bridal Gowns 1883-1966,” also opens on April 19 and runs through June 30th.

Finally there is Mud Fest on April 27-28. It starts with a Pub Crawl on Friday in Ouray and continues on Saturday with the main stage events at the Ouray County Fairgrounds. Watch 4X4 vehicles navigating obstacle courses and race in the mud, see motorcycles doing crazy things in the mud, antique tractors pulling in the mud, and other muddy activities.  The fest concludes on Saturday night in Ouray with the Mud Ball Dance hosted by the Ouray Fire Department in the Community Center. If watching (or particpating in) sounds exciting, then this is your time to come have fun in Ouray County!

Other Mud season activities are scheduled at the Wright Opera House and Weehawken. All in all, mud season is a great time to come up and enjoy Ouray.


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