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Bird watching in Ouray

Posted on April 22nd, by janlisk in Family Activity, Ouray, Outdoor Activities. Comments Off

Bird sitting in a tree in Ouray CO
Bird watching in Ouray

Bird watching  season in Ouray is underway. The air is alive with songbirds half-hidden in the trees. We saw our first Robin a couple of weeks ago and have seen tantalizing gllimpses of the bluebirds in Box Canyon. There also were supposed to be Great Blue Herons here. Everyone else had seen them striding in the river or standing in their nests, those huge stick built structures that dominate the trees along the river. So, we drove up to Cow Creek near the RidgwayState Park to look for them. Everyone had seen them from the road.

We did not.

Several trips to the promised viewing area did not produce a single sighting. Such is our luck. We saw the nests, we heard the reports but no luck in the visual department. But we were happy to hear that this herony was thriving as never before.  The newspaper reports that the population has grown dramatically, in part to the healthy river ecosystem that provides clean clear water that in turn produces lots of food. That is good news. Oh well, there is always next year.

In the meantime, the bird watching opportunities continue. We did see the Golden eagles soaring through the park but could not get any good pictures, as usual.  The Sandhill cranes should be coming through on their annual migration as well. These cranes are just as spectacular as the Herons. Like the herons, the cranes are attracted to the open water of the Ridgway reservoir and its three in-flowing streams so hopefully we can get some good photographs there. There have been reports of Kingfishers as well!  There are over 140 other species sighted in Ouray County so there is lots of bird watching to go around. Hopefully we will be more successful with the cranes, eagles or any of the other species now here.

Wish us luck.

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